Effective 3/1/18  Program Services is no longer selling home studies by US POST.


Program Services does not offer refunds for online course purchases. If you have accidentally purchased the wrong course we will be happy to assist you in making the correct purchase (exchange) as long as you have not taken and passed the test. PLEASE contact us BEFORE you download or take the test.  If you have purchased the wrong course and wish to have us correct the problem for you, call us on the day of purchase at 305-401-4361 or email us by clicking here.

LIVE SEMINARS REGISTRATION DEADLINE:  We must receive check payment in full no later than twenty days prior to the event. You may register within the twenty-day window with credit card payment.  Registration closes when we reach maximum participant level (10).   WALK-INS: We do not accept walk-in registrants. Pre-registration is required to attend any regularly scheduled event.

REFUNDS: Refunds less a $20 service fee or tuition transfer to another person or training event are available if requested prior to the 20-day registration deadline. No refunds or transfers after the registration deadline. No exceptions!

PAYMENT BY CHECK: When you provide a check payment, you authorize us to use information from the check to make a one-time electronic fund transfer from your account, or to process the payment as a check transaction. You authorize us to collect a fee as indicated below (plus a bank fee charged to the merchant if allowed by your state law) through electronic fund transfer from your account if your payment is returned unpaid.

$10(NE)$20(CO,CT,ID,IN,NY,PA,UT)$25(AZ,AR,IL,KY,LA,MI,MO,NH,NV,NC,ND,OK,OR,RI,WV)$30(AL,AK,CA, DC,GA,IA,KS,ME,MN,MT,NJ,NM,OH,SC,SD,TN,TX,WI,WY) $35 (MD,MA,VA) $40(DE,MS,WA)$50(VT) We have the right to request and you agree to provide upon request your Drivers License #, Full Name, Street Address, and Phone Number.

Required Courses:  Certain of our live presentation courses are required for various certification, licensure, and credentialing purposes.  Individuals registering for and attending these courses must comply completely with the attendance requirements or they may not obtain CE-credit. The opportunity to obtain partial credit or any credit at all when attendance requirements are not met is completely subject to the board, state regulations, or other credentialing body’s approval of such alternatives. When make-up credits are possible the alternatives available to participants in order of preference are;  a) re-register, re-pay for and re-attend in full the next available training,  or b) schedule a make-up session to obtain the CE-credit hours missed (rounding up to the nearest hour) at the hourly rate set by Program Services for individual training.

Non-requisite courses:  Where permitted by the CE sponsoring organization Program Services may offer to schedule a make-up session at the hourly rate set by Program Services for individual training or where permitted Program Services will provide a partial credit certificate.

Please note: The availability of individual training opportunities for both requisite and non-requisite is only at the trainer’s discretion.  Trainers do not have to agree to provide this individual instruction.  When trainers are not available for individual instruction the only option for participants will be a partial credit certificate.

It is obviously a better alternative for participants to adhere to attendance requirements to avoid make-up concerns.

Hurricane/Inclement Weather Cancellation Policy:
For obvious reasons classes will not be held if there is a hurricane watch or warning, a snow or ice event, or other inclement weather event issued within two days of the class scheduled.  There is so much uncertainty surrounding impending hurricanes that agencies are not able to guarantee they will remain open so we can utilize their training space.  We tend to reschedule the event as quickly as we can in cooperation with the space available at our training sites.  Most reschedules are within seven days after the warning is lifted unless there is significant damage.  If a rescheduled class results in the loss of enough registrants to hold the class the remaining registrants will be transferred to the next regularly scheduled class.  Service fees ($20) apply for registrants who request refunds in the event of a weather-related cancellation.