This refresher course is offered live in Florida and provides the required 4CE for Florida qualified supervisors of MFT, CSW, and MFT interns.  There are two versions of this course offered.  Learners can select this version or return to the catalog and register for Supervision Essentials Live Refresher Seminar A. Both are approved by the board.

Scheduling details: Scheduled live in Florida. Check our live course page for dates. This excellent course is also appropriate for all other states. Call us and we will bring the course to you.

A minimum of five registrants is required to hold the course. There are reschedule dates (usually 30 days later) if this class fails to register.  Call 305-401-4361 to obtain the date.  The class registration closes three weeks prior to the class date so you can easily schedule patients if the class is rescheduled.  Please register if you want this class.  If there are not 5 registrants at that point transfer emails are sent. Participants will be notified by email in the event of a cancellation. Please make sure that email from is not on your spam/blocked listings.  A transfer is officially a new registration and is subject to the fee and refund policies.

Description:  Offered in conjunction with 12 hr supervision seminar.  Learners attend from 10AM-3PM.  We are offering two different versions of this live refresher A and B.  This description is for Seminar B.  Special issues including ethics and regulations, context, culture, gender, race, and class. Information on models and supervision dynamics will be provided.

64B4-6.0025 Approved Continuing Education Course for Supervisory Training. (4) Every third biennium, a qualified supervisor shall obtain 4 hours of supervisory training continuing education.  (a) These hours shall count toward satisfaction of the continuing education hours required for license renewal for the biennium in which the hours are taken.

Objectives Day Two:

Participants will be able to discuss special issues including context, culture, ethnicity, class and gender considerations of supervision.
Participants will be able to discuss evaluation, legal, regulatory and ethical aspects of supervision.

CE Credits: 4


Hour One: Discussion of supervision dynamics:
Hour Two: Discussion of supervision issues and study findings re: Context, Culture
Hour Three: Discussion of supervision issues and study findings re: Class, Race
Hour Four: Discussion of supervision issues and study findings re: Impact of gender, Sexual orientation

CE Broker#: 20-560065

Methods: Live Seminar

Purpose: To prepare mental health practitioners to provide quality supervision to less experienced professionals by articulating a model of supervision, and being aware of supervision dynamics and contextual issues which is a support to safe and effective counseling services.

Content Area: Supervision, Risk management, Professional orientation/readiness, Legal and regulatory, Ethics.

Target Audience: Psychologists, social workers, marriage and family therapists, licensed professional counselors, mental health counselors.  There is no CE available for psychologists.

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