Our newest Domestic Violence/Intimate Partner Violence course. Approved for most states that have a domestic violence training requirement. (Meets Florida requirements)

FL Psychology approval pending.
Course Developer: Karen Albig Smith, LMFT, LCAS
Revised January 2024
Considering current research contributions on violence among intimate partners this study will explore new information on those affected by domestic violence. The class includes incidence and prevalence information, historical perspectives, current concepts, and assessment and resources. The study will describe research supporting intimate partner violence typologies. The special populations increasingly exposed to family violence that are discussed in this study include women affected by sexual violence, victims of stalking, children impacted by exposure to domestic violence and child abuse, teen dating violence, workplace harassment, human trafficking and immigrants.  Resources and assessment strategies will be covered.
  1. Learners will be able to utilize evidence-based typologies to guide their clinical work with families where violence is present.

  2. Learners will be able to describe specific differences and impacts on six special populations affected by domestic violence.  
  3. Learners will be able to locate resources and implement assessment tools for use with domestic violence victims.
Learning Assessment:
1.  Participants will be able to discuss domestic violence incidence and prevalence statistics.
2.  Participants will be able to describe four IPV typologies.
3.  Participants will be able to discuss the impact of domestic violence on six specific populations.
4.  Participants will be able to utilize assessment strategies and locate resources for use with domestic violence populations.

CE Credits: 2 (NBCC Hours - 2)

Hour One: Statistical information and typologies of intimate partner violence.
Hour Two: Overview of six special populations and the Florida supplement on domestic violence

CE Broker#:   20-695029

Methods: Pre-test, study guide, posttest and evaluation, internet sources via URLs, Q&A by email.

Content Area: Domestic violence, Social and cultural foundations, Professional orientation/readiness, Risk management, Documentation/treatment planning, Legal and regulatory, Abuse and trauma.

Purpose: This course is developed to provide content update on domestic violence and affected special populations to permit effective early identification and assessment of domestic violence problems.

Target Audience:  Social workers, marriage and family therapists, licensed professional counselors, mental health counselors, nurses, employee assistance professionals, addiction professionals, behavioral health technicians, and other allied professionals who may work with these populations.

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CE Broker#:
CE Credits:
2 (NBCC Hours - 2)

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