Abuse and Trauma (23 courses) Includes courses that cover the psychological effects of exposure to abuse and trauma or have chapters covering this issue. Veterans, domestic violence, human trafficking, and much more.
Addictions/Alcohol and Drug Abuse (43 courses) Includes courses that meet certification requirements for individuals who want to apply for addiction specialty certifications in their state or just want to learn more abut AOD problems. Courses approved by National Association of Drug and Alcohol Counselors.
Adolescent Issues (13 courses)
Behavior Disorders (24 courses) Includes courses where clinical pathology affects behavior in maladaptive ways.
Classes in a Series (26 courses)
Clinical Evaluation and Assessment (35 courses) Includes courses where the emphasis is on Assessment and Diagnostic evaluation or that contain chapters addressing this issue.
Confidentiality (12 courses)
Counseling (23 courses) Includes courses that offer best practice evidence based counseling models.
Criminal Justice (2 courses)
Documentation/Treatment Planning (13 courses) Few topics are as distasteful as creating documentation. Nevertheless, it's a necessary part of our experience as mental health professionals. Learn more about handling confidentiality and other documentation issues in this collection of CE courses.
Domestic Violence (21 courses) Includes courses that address the problem of domestic violence, intimate partner violence, special populations affected by maltreatment and abuse and meets many state requirements for domestic violence coursework for license renewal.
Dual Disorders (4 courses)
Employee Assistance (1 courses)
Ethics (39 courses) Includes courses that address the topic of ethical behavior of counseling professionals. Meets many state requirements for ethics education for license renewal.
Faith (1 courses)
Florida CE Requirements (46 courses) Includes combination courses that F.S. 491 licensed professionals may complete to meet required topics for license renewal.
HIV/AIDS (4 courses)
Helping Relationship (16 courses)
Legal and Regulatory (48 courses) Includes all courses that offer laws and rules education either for license renewal or for special qualifications such as US OT SAP and U.S. NRC SAE.
Marriage and Family (2 courses)
Medical Errors (20 courses) Includes courses or combination courses that contain the required 2CE medial errors course for license renewal in Florida.
Military Culture and Care (8 courses) Learn how to support and care for active duty, veterans, their families including all phases of service, PTSD, and cultural issues.
Neuropsychology (1 courses)
Practice Management (12 courses)
Professional Orientation/Readiness (53 courses) Includes courses that address the preparation of professionals for independent practice or topics that are required for independent practice.
Psychopharmacology (2 courses)
Psychotherapy (4 courses)
Risk Management (47 courses) Includes courses or combination courses that contain risk management or ethics topics that professionals can use for malpractice insurance premium reduction.
Service Coordination (9 courses)
Sexual Abuse (5 courses)
Social and Cultural Foundations (27 courses) Includes courses that address issues relating to culture and counseling. Includes topics including racism, institutional bias, class and the impact of privilege.
Special Populations/Problems (42 courses) Includes courses that address special groups of persons affected by mental health problems, social injustice, or special problems and how those problems affect persons.
Spirituality (1 courses)
Supervision (18 courses) Includes courses that pertain to the clinical supervision of mental health professionals. These courses meet many state requirements for supervision training and are available online and via webinar (by contract).
Treatment Knowledge (18 courses)