The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission has published regulations (10CFR Part 26) putting in place a new credential (Substance Abuse Expert). Credentialing requirements began March 31, 2010. SAEs will evaluate individuals who have the authorization to access nuclear facilities as part of the Fitness for Duty program. Eligible professionals will need training and testing on the regulations to obtain the qualifications to provide these assessments. Please click on our course catalog and search for the US NRC Substance Abuse Expert Qualification Training course and read the description for more information.

Eligible professions to take the SAE training and examination include Licensed Psychologists, Licensed Physicians, Licensed and Certified Addiction Professionals (ICRC), Certified Employee Assistance Professionals and Licensed Social Workers. Program Services training includes the qualification examination and is available as an online course. Live courses are available by private contract for a minimum of 10 participants. We also provide a renewal course for professionals that must re-qualify every 3 years from the date of their original qualification.