Mar 10, 2018  |   Continuing Education

Read below for ALL Florida mental health profession renewal requirements.

Florida Psychology Continuing Education Requirements
Each licensee must complete forty (40) hours of continuing psychological education.
Domestic Violence CE is now a 2-hour requirement every third renewal. 
Three (3) of the forty (40) hours must be in professional ethics (2 CE) and Florida statutes and rules (1 CE) affecting the practice of psychology.
Two (2) of the forty (40 hours must relate to prevention of medical errors, including a study of root-cause analysis, error reduction and prevention, and patient safety. If the course is offered by a facility licensed pursuant to chapter 395 for its employees, the Board will approve up to one (1) hour of the two (2) hour course to be specifically related to error reduction and prevention methods used in that facility.
Initial License Candidates: Passage of the laws and rules examination of the Board constitutes forty (40) hours of continuing education credit, including credit for professional ethics and Florida Statutes and rules affecting the practice of psychology.
Passage of the laws and rules examination, however, does not satisfy the requirement for two (2) credits of continuing education on domestic violence, nor the requirement for two (2) hours relating to prevention of medical errors.
All Program Services courses are approved for Florida Psychologists

School Psychology Continuing Education Requirements
Every applicant for licensure renewal shall complete thirty (30) hours of continuing education credit.
Two (2) of the thirty (30) hours, must be on the prevention of medical errors consistent with Section 456.013, F.S
The licensee shall retain for four (4) years certificates of attendance or other records to document the completion of the continuing education requirement.
Domestic Violence is not required for initial licensure. However, it is mandated by statute that two-hour (2) Domestic Violence course must be completed for every third (3rd) biennial license renewal.
All Program Services courses are approved for School Psychologists

Social Work, Mental Health, Marriage, and Family Continuing Education Requirements
For Initial Licensure:   Licensee candidates  are required to submit proof of completion of:
Eight (8) hour (live) laws and rules course upon initial licensure prior to licensure  
Three (3) hour course on HIV/AIDS within six months of licensure  
Two (2) hour course on domestic violence with six months of licensure.

License Renewal    Licensees must complete 30 hours of approved continuing education (CE) within the two year licensure period (biennium) to include the following:
Two (2) hour course relating to prevention of medical errors.
Three (3) hour course in ethics and boundary issues.
Two (2) hours of CE on domestic violence must be completed every third biennial licensure renewal period

NEW!!  Inclusive of the 30 required renewal CE’s, you must now complete 3CE of a Florida laws and rules update course every third biennium. Current licensees would need to complete the course by the biennium ending 3/31/19. Licensees in their first biennium, (which are exempt from CE’s for renewal) would need to meet the requirement for the biennium ending 3/31/21. For more information on this requirement, please review Rule 64B4-6.001, Florida Administrative Code.

The above required hours shall be part of the 30 hours otherwise required for each biennial licensure renewal.

Qualified supervisor:  Obtain 12 hour supervision training (Live)

NEW!!  Qualified supervisor refresher course: 4CE every three biennium

All Program Services courses are approved for Florida LCSW, LMFT, and LMHC