Mar 10, 2018  |   CE Broker

CE Broker Frequently Asked Questions


We enter course completion information once per week and daily during the last week of renewal.  You may submit most of your credit hours yourself except required hours, those we are required to submit.

What is CE Broker?

CE Broker is a central database that collects CE Credit information so that it can be accessed by Florida professional regulatory boards for the purpose of verifying that a licensee has obtained the required number of continuing education credits for a given period, usually a biennium. Since 2004 all Florida board approved Continuing Education Providers have been required to submit their students' course completion information (CE Credits awarded) to CE Broker. Please remember that any person or agency who has a Florida Continuing Education Provider License for any profession that falls under the state's Medical Quality Assurance board is required to report the credits you earn to this database. (Psychology, School Psychology, Mental Health, Marriage and Family, Social Work, Nursing, etc.)If you are not sure of the requirements for your profession you will need to contact your board or read our article entitled Florida Mental Health Continuing Education Requirements.

Why don't I see my course completion information in my account the next day?

CE Broker may take up to 48 hours for course information to appear on your transcript. We will always post the date you completed the course on your transcript. We post credit completion information weekly. If you did not provide your license information in your account we will not report your credits as we rely on your information to determine if your credits need to be reported. Call us, update your account and we will get the course reported quickly.

To be licensed in Florida am I required to join CE Broker and pay a subscription fee?

The simple answer is NO, you do not need to join or pay any subscription fees to practice your profession in the state of Florida. You are required to set up a free account and input CE completion information for any credits earned via providers that are not specifically Florida approved.

When will the FL DOH check with CE Broker to see that Florida professionals have all their required CE Credits?

The Florida DOH verifies your CE completion status at license renewal.

What if I have attended a seminar or received credits from an out of state or nationally approved provider?

No problem; you can submit your course completion data to CE Broker without having to join or pay any fees. Current Florida Department Of Health licensees may register at no charge to (1) Search online for CE Providers; and (2) Self-submit completed CE (including courses from CE Providers taken out-of-State) once your full license renewal period of CE tracking begins.

What if I have completed a course from a Florida approved provider and they do not submit my information to CE Broker?

Contact that provider and ask them why your course completion data was not submitted to your account at CE Broker. All Florida approved providers are required to do this and this includes hospitals, community mental health centers and other types of agencies offering CE Credits to their employees. This means ALL CE credits awarded by that agency, not just the Florida mandated credits for Medical Errors, Domestic Violence, and Ethics.

CE Broker Subscriber Advantages.

Some of the advantages of a full CE Broker subscription are as follows:

View your CE Transcript Search for Authorized Florida CE Providers. Receive alerts of published courses with a keyword. Receive alerts of published courses that meet your license CE requirements. View your Chronological Course History. Receive Course Completion Posting Notification. Course Search Results. Send an online Message to the CE Broker Help Desk. Send an online Message to Authorized Florida CE Providers. Course Quick Search. View Compliance Determination. Access Profession specific Continuing Education FAQs. Know How Courses Will Count toward renewal requirements. Self-Submit CE and view how it applies to your CE Transcript.