Meets Florida state requirements for 4 CE of refresher supervision education for qualified supervisors of social workers, mental health counselors and marriage and family therapy interns.  Excellent choice for all other behavior and mental health professionals.

Developed by: Karen Albig Smith, LMFT, LCAS, MAC, CAP, SAP, SAE

Last course revision:  2024

Description:  Meets Florida requirements for 4 CE supervision education for social workers, mental health counselors and marriage and family therapists.  Excellent choice for all other behavior and mental health professionals.  This study provides an introduction to the work of clinical supervision.  The course begins with an overview of the supervision literature and other resources that are useful for active supervisors.  The discussion turns to definitions of supervision and the roles and functions as they differ from activities such as training, consultation, and administration. A discussion of the importance of and a description of a standard of care in the provision of clinical supervision is covered.  A classification system of supervision models is discussed to conclude with in-depth assistance to learners on articulating a philosophy of, and description of supervision.

Recommended Supplemental Text:  Selected Readings in Family Therapy Supervision; Selected Articles from the AAMFT Supervision Bulletin, 2000.  Available at:

1.  Learners will be able to identify resources in the key subtopics in the supervision literature.
2.  Learners will be able to develop their own definition of supervision.
3.  Learners will be able to discuss the standard of care in clinical supervision.
4.  Learners will be able to discuss several categories of supervision models.
5.  Learners will be able to articulate how one's style of supervision is congruent with therapy philosophy and theory.
CE Credits:   4
CE Broker#: 20-584908  
Hour One:  Literature overview, the standard of care in supervision.
Hour Two:  Isomorphic process, definitions, roles, and functions.
Hour Three:  Supervision vs. training and consultation.
Hour Four:  Models of supervision, Congruence with therapy philosophy and theory.

Methods:  Study guide, pre and posttests, evaluation, Q and A by email.

Purpose:  To prepare mental health practitioners to provide quality supervision to less experienced professionals by articulating a model of supervision which is a support to safe and effective counseling services.

Content Area: Supervision, Risk management, Professional orientation/readiness, Legal and regulatory, Ethics.

Target Audience: Social workers, marriage and family therapists, licensed professional counselors, mental health counselors, nurses, employee assistance professionals, addiction professionals, behavioral health technicians, and other allied professionals who may work with supervisees.  Psychologists, There is no CE available for psychologists



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