A course for all healthcare and mental health professionals.  Board approved for Florida Nurses.

Developed by Karen Albig Smith, LMFT, LCAS, CAP, MAC, SAP, SAE
Revised 2024

Description:  Complete with real-life vignettes this course discusses the problems and issues relating to human trafficking. The study guide answers the questions; who is at risk, services, and resources available, hotlines for reporting, and presents a validated assessment tool for identifying potential victims.  This course meets the content requirements for a course on human trafficking. Approved for Florida nurses. Applicable to all healthcare and mental health professions across the US.

1.  Learners will be able to discuss the populations at risk of human trafficking.
2.  Learners will be able to describe services, resources, hotlines and victim identification tools.

CE Credits: 2

Hour One: Populations at risk for human trafficking, services, and resources.
Hour Two: VERA Identification tool to identify trafficking victims.

CE Broker#:    20-613620

Methods: Pre-test, study guide, posttest and evaluation, internet sources via URLs, Q&A by email.

Content Area: Human Trafficking, Abuse and trauma.

Purpose: This course is developed to provide content on Human Trafficking to permit effective and early identification and assessment of victims.

Target Audience:  Social workers, marriage and family therapists, licensed professional counselors, mental health counselors, nurses, employee assistance professionals, addiction professionals, behavioral health technicians, and other allied professionals who may work with these populations.

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