A great option of agencies with over 10 employees!!! Two year enrollment!!!

How it works: The fee charged for this package option is an annual enrollment fee. Once an agency is enrolled by purchasing this multipack option emloyees can then set up their own accounts, order online courses from the list, and print an invoice.  Certificate fees are charged at the discounted rate of $6 per credit.  (30 credit limit/employee/12months). Invoices are then paid by agency with credit card over the phone or by check via the mail.  When the invoice is paid courses we place the courses in the employee's account.  

Revised 2022

A great option for agencies with over 10 employees!!!!

How it works: There is an annual enrollment fee to utilize this offer. Once an agency is enrolled by purchasing the 20, 30, or 40 CE multipack package staff create accounts or log into their existing accounts.  They need to make sure that they list the agency in the Company field in their account settings.  Staff can then place online course orders to the shopping cart (20 or 30 or 40 credit limit/staff/12months) and click on the pay-by-check option. The employee can then print the invoice* for the certification fees and present it to the agency accounting office for payment (or the training department for approval).  Staff can access their online courses when the invoice is paid. The certification fee per credit is $6.  (So, a 3 credit course is $18, a 10 credit course is $60 and so on – discounted 40% under our standard rates.)   The agency contacts us by phone to pay by credit card, or remits by mail.  Courses are then released to the employee’s account.

  • Note:  The invoices will not reflect the discount rate as they are generated by our existing online system.  Amend the invoice and multiply total credits ordered by $6 to get the total due. ( For example, 10 employees order 20 credits each = 200 credits X $6 = $1200)

If an employee already has an account with us they will not be able to create another account; rather they will update their account settings by adding the name of the agency in the Company field at their account.  Employees need to use the chart below to make course selections as not all our courses are part of this offer. Each employee can take up to the limit of credits purchased at enrollment through the year at this discounted rate.  The enrollment expires one year from the purchase date of the multipack option and may be renewed at the price posted at the website at the time of renewal. 


Enroll: Authorized agency designee creates an account for the agency. Place the 20, 30 or 40 CE multipack option in the agency account shopping cart and follow the payment prompts to pay the enrollment fee.  Please note that no course orders other than this product will be placed through tbe agency account.

Employees order courses.  Employees are then instructed to create their accounts or log into their existing accounts and update the company field with the agency’s name.  Employees then order online courses placed in the shopping cart select the pay-by-check option and complete their order. They can then print an invoice and present it to the agency for approval and payment.  Note:  The amount on the invoice should be amended to reflect the discount rate ($6 per credit ordered)

Certificate Fees Payment:  Agencies can pay by credit card by contacting Program Services by phone and providing the card information. Agencies may also mail a check with invoices to Program Services at PO Box 1599 Franklin, NC 28744. Receipts are emailed to accounting. Enrollment fees can also be paid by check if online payment is not permitted.  Print the multipack order invoice and send a check.

Return and order later:  Each employee can take up to 20,30, or 40 CE (based on your package) through the 12 months at this discounted rate expiring on the agency's enrollment date. 

All courses listed are eligible except for the following:

Exclusions: The US DOT SAP courses, the USNRC SAE courses, the Spiritual Connection, Good  With Me, The Mindfulness Workbook for Addictions and the Appetite Awareness Workbook.

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